A Brief History About Shesfun Schools

                                           SHESFUN PRIVATE SCHOOL
The private primary
school was established in September 1999. The major objectives of the school are:

  1. To train children to be confident and self reliant
  2. To monitor their psychological growth and development
  3. To identify and correct mal-adaptive behaviors
  4. To lay a solid foundation by providing first class tutoring for all ages.

Over the years these objectives have been achieved with excellent results. The achievement has created demand from parents that SHESFUN should establish a secondary school. Hence the secondary school arm was added to the list of achievement in 2003.

If results in external examination are anything to go by, we have demonstrated that PRIVATE SCHOOL is the first among equals. We have turned out students who have been performing excellently in both academics, moral and extra-curricular activities.

The challenge before the schools now is to provide continuity to students, who have been well brought up at the primary school level for their entry into the secondary school level and subsequently the higher institution.


SHESUN COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL is a co-educational secondary school. The school is established with the aim of giving children a good all round education which will make them distinguished and dignified individuals for life. The school is sited in a very peaceful and conducive environment which permits quiet and effective learning.

The school management is mindful of the essence of decent living, good upbringing and the right orientation for children. Emphasis is therefore placed on knowledge and character building. The vision is to nurture children to become honest, cultured men and ladies having exempla nary integrity and capable of holding leadership positions in all facets of life. SHESFUN is a citadel where students are brought up along the lines of strong moral and religious principles and schooled to aim for academic excellence.
This is a unique opportunity for parents who value decent and excellent quality education to entrust their children in the hands of professionals who will prepare them for the challenges of the future. For parents who are genuinely concerned and want the best for their children, the training ground is at SHESFUN COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL.

Congratulations for making the right choice for your child’s future.


S – Self determination  is one of the imparted morals to build them to excel in the face of tomorrow’s challenges.

H – Our hallmark of success centres on three domains of learning to make our children dignified for life.

E – Efficient and zealous staff is one of the greatest assets.

S – Service delivery and satisfaction makes us stand out among the crowd.

F -Firm belief in God makes our students exposed to sound life values that affect the total person and            prepare them for future challenges.

U – Urbane morals and discipline of our students make them distinct among their contemporaries.

N – No sacrifice is too small to attain academic excellence (OUR WATCHWORD)