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General FAQ
  • Does the school have guidance counselor?

    The school realizes there is a dire need to guide and counsel students not only academically but purposely to inculcate morals in our youth in order to evade the canker-worm of morals that is eating deep into the root of our present society.

    Therefore, we have a guidance counselor in the house coupled with in-house and invited resourceful person(s) to give seminars on different youthful topics.

  • What’s the pre-requisite for admission?
    1. It is mandatory for every student to partake and succeed in the school’s entrance examinations conducted for new intake or freshers.
    2. Students will be expected to present copies of their last results.
    3. Students will be expected to undergo a formal interview thereafter.
    4. A formal evidence will be required to show that the prospective student has at one time or the other attempted the National Common Entrance or any other relevant examination.
    5. A testimonial or formal letter of recommendation from the Head of the last institution attended should be submitted to confirm that the student in question left his/her primary school on the completion of his/her primary school education.