What You Need To Know About Shesfun Schools


Our Vision at Shesfun emanates from the love of God and humanity revolutionizing our restless youth to attain academic excellence and sterling character traits in the fear of God.



Our mission at Shesfun is to cater for all round development of every child. To achieve this goal, efforts are geared towards a conducive learning environment and culture that will inculcate the three domains of learning namely;

  • COGNITIVE: Mental and intellectual development
  • AFFECTIVE: Balance moral, taste and value system.
  • PSYCHOMOTOR: Development of manipulative skills and dexterity.

Our Goals and Objective

  • Expose pupils/students to proper sound life values that affect the total person and prepare them for future challenges.
  • Scientifically, we develop the creative and intellectual skills of the students so as to induce their urge for achievement and self-improvement both at school and later in life.
  • Assist pupils/students to achieve, master high academic skills regardless pf socio-economic status.

Pre-requisite For Admission

The School Office

  1. It is mandatory for every student to partake and succeed in the school’s entrance examinations conducted for new intake or freshers.
  2. Students will be expected to present copies of their last results.
  3. Students will be expected to undergo a formal interview thereafter.
  4. A formal evidence will be required to show that the prospective student has at one time or the other attempted the National Common Entrance or any other relevant examination.
  5. A testimonial or formal letter of recommendation from the Head of the last institution attended should be submitted to confirm that the student in question left his/her primary school on the completion of his/her primary school education.

The school office is a centre for enquiries about the school, the purchase of forms, books and other educational aids. It houses the secretary as well as the school accountant/bursar.

You can also call our efficient customer careline for assistance and further enquiries.

Payment of Fees

Appearance in School

The fees for each term are payable on or before the first day of the term for which they are due. Failure to pay the fees without informing the school and agreeing alternative arrangement can result in the school refusing to allow the student to continue at the school until such time as the fees are paid.

In the case of withdrawal of a student from the school, the school should be notified in writing. In the case of a withdrawal of a child, school fees already paid will not be refundable. The school will endeavour to give a full term notice of any change in school fees, at least at the beginning of anew term. It is the policy of the school to keep fees at a realistic level as much as possible thus ensuring stability, continuity and the best quality education for our student.

The student is expected to dress at all times in the complete school uniform during school hours. Penalty will be imposed on students who fail to dress properly either within or outside the school. Students who are member of different clubs will be expected to wear uniform that are peculiar to such clubs during club activities.

School Resumption Time

The school will resume for assembly at 7:30 am and classes will end 3:00 pm daily. Late coming by student will be strictly frowned at.