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Facilities Available

In the pursuit of excellent delivery with special focus on new educational curriculum, hence the heavy investment in standard state of the art facilities that speaks volume. These include;

  • Purpose-built Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories
  • Well stocked Library
  • State of the Art Music Studio
  • Mathematics Clinic
  • Business Studio Centre/Typing Pool
  • Ultramodern Home Management Room/Kitchen
  • Sport Plaza
  • Innovative, Inspiring and Effective Management Team
  • Resourceful, Experienced and Qualified Teachers
  • Guidance and Counseling Centre
  • Large School Farm
  • Ultramodern Computer/ICT with internet Facility


  • Large and Ventilated Auditorium with Fans
  • Dinning Hall
  • Highly Comfortable Boarding Facility
  • Stand-by Generating Set
  • Standard Intro-tech Workshop
  • Well equipped Sickbay
  • Art/Design Studio
  •  Effective Bus Run
  • Geographical Garden
  • Regular Supply of Clean Water with Water Dispenser
  • Technical Drawing Room
  • Primary Mini-Laboratory
  • Pupil Friendly Reception Room like “Sesame Street”
  • Special Focus on French, Diction and Froebel Education

Co-Curricular Activities

Pupils/Students of Shesfun Schools go on regular excursion to several places of interest in and outside the country. This has exposed the pupils/students to outside-the-classroom environment in learning discoveries of different culture both ethnically and internationally.

We also motivate the pupils/students to participate in the following accredited clubs/society;

  • Jet Club
  • Home Makers
  • Young Farmers
  • Cultural/Music
  • Scrabble
  • Taekwando
  • Literary & Drama
  • Press Club
  • Young Readers
  • Creative Writers Club
  • Scout Association
  • Brigade
  • Red Cross